Mission Statement

Serving our clients' needs is top priority. Our staff of highly qualified professionals respond in an efficient, fast and accurate way to all testing requirements. From sample collection to data verification and reporting, we put special emphasis in Quality Control operations to assure the integrity and defensibility of the analytical data provided to our customers.


Weck Laboratories Inc. was founded in 1964 by Dr. Friedrich Weck and Hildegard Weck as a Contract Research laboratory focused primarily in solving industrial problems including production and environmental aspects and providing laboratory services for industrial quality control. In the 1970’s the Company began performing potable water and groundwater analysis for compliance monitoring and studying environmental contamination.

Weck Laboratories, Inc. was first approved in 1972 by the California Department of Health Services for complete chemical and bacteriological analysis of water. In the 1980's the Laboratory was also involved in other fields of environmental testing such as hazardous waste, drinking water, industrial hygiene and air testing, becoming the full service specialized environmental testing laboratory that it is today. Currently Weck Labs holds nationwide accreditation under the NELAC program in California and other States and it is also accredited by the USEPA, USDOD and other agencies.

Although Weck Labs primary field is environmental testing, the laboratory has the analytical capabilities to perform testing for other industries such as pharmaceuticals, consumer products, food and nutritional supplements and has obtained ISO 17025 accreditation

Weck Laboratories is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).



Weck Laboratories has a broad base of clients to which the company has been providing quality environmental testing services through the years.

Although the clients are mostly located in California, Weck Labs is also accredited and has current customers in many other States, such as Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Florida and Colorado. There are also international clients who submit samples for specialty analytical work from countries such as Canada, China, Korea, Philippines, Finland and Italy.

Projects are of many different scopes and sizes, from large environmental monitoring investigations to routine compliance testing. The types of clients for whom the laboratory is providing analytical testing include the following industries:

  • Landfills
  • Consulting Engineering Firms
  • Potable Water Districts
  • Municipalities
  • Private Water Utilities
  • Bottled water companies (domestic and international)
  • Oil Companies
  • Sanitation Districts
  • Federal Agencies
  • Aerospace companies
  • Breweries
  • Plating industries
  • Pharmaceutical and Health Care industries
  • Metal recycling industries
  • Food manufacturing industries

Quality Assurance

A very significant effort is dedicated to the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Assurance Program: The Quality Assurance Manual, which describes the Program, is constantly reviewed and updated, it covers all aspects of sample collection, analysis and reporting.  Training is provided to all personnel on a routine basis to ensure compliance with the QA Program and with the Laboratory Ethics policy. Our program, which based on NELAC and ISO 17025 guidelines, meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements. Calibration blanks and standards, method blanks, matrix spikes, surrogates, duplicates and certified reference standards are run on a routine basis in order to validate the data generated by our laboratory. In addition, we participate in both federal, state and privately sponsored laboratory proficiency testing programs and Round Robin studies.

The Laboratory is also flexible in adapting to special Quality Assurance project requirements or QAPPs that are normally easily implemented though the LIMS.

Weck Laboratories is a member of the Environmental Services Division of ACIL, the American Council of Independent Testing Laboratories, a non-profit trade association which promotes industry-wide standards for environmental testing to raise the overall quality of such testing provided to the public and to the government.

Environmental laboratories operating in the state of California must be certified by the state. By itself however, state certification does not assure clients that they will receive high quality, legally defensible data. Weck Laboratories is committed to ensuring the integrity of the data, meeting the quality needs of clients, and setting high quality and ethical standards in our industry.

Weck Laboratories' Management is Committed to:

  • Produce results which are accurate and include QA/QC information which meets client predefined Data Quality Objectives.
  • Present services in a confidential, honest, and forthright manner.
  • Provide employees with guidelines and an understanding of the ethical and quality standards of our industry.
  • Operate the facilities in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of employees and the public.
  • Obey all pertinent federal, state, and local laws and regulations and encourage other members of our industry to do the same.
  • Educate clients as to the extent and kinds of services available.
  • Assert competency only for work for which adequate personnel and equipment are available and for which adequate preparation has been made.
  • Promote the status of environmental laboratories, their employees, and the value of services rendered by them. 
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