Specialty Analyses

Specialty Methods
Acrylamide, low-level by LCMSMS EPA 8316
Algal toxins (Microsystins) EPA 544/545
Alkylphenols ASTM D7065
Arsenic speciation (As III / As V) EPA 200.8
Endocrine Disruptor Compounds (EDCs) EPA 1694
Hormones EPA 1694
Hydrazine low levels water and soil by HPLC EPA 8315M
Iodide, low-level by LCMSMS EPA 331
Melamine and Cyanuric acid LCMSMS
Mercury, total, low-level   EPA 1631
Metals, ultra low-level, ion-exchange pre-concentration ICPMS EPA 1640
Odor compounds (Geosmin and MIB) by GCMS SPME SM6040D
Organotins (Tributyltin) GCMS SIM
para-Chorobenzenesulfonic acid (pCBSA) LCMSMS
PCB congeners screen GCMS SIM
Perchlorate by IC EPA 314
Perchlorate, low-level by LCMSMS or ICMSMS EPA 331.0 / 332.0 / 6850
Perfluorinated compounds (PFOA, PFOS) in Drinking Water EPA 537
Perfluorinated compounds (PFOA, PFOS) EPA 537M/DOD QSM
Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care Products (PPCPs) EPA 1694
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) (Flame Retardants) EPA 1614M
Pyrethroid Pesticides, low-level EPA 8270M
6PPD-quinone LCMSMS
Sieve Analysis ASTM D2862
Specific Gravity ASTM D1429
 PFAS UCMR 5  EPA 533 & 537.1
 Lithium UCMR 5 EPA 200.7
Activated Carbon Methods
Hydrogen Sulfide Breakthrough Capacity ASTM D6646-03
Iodine Number ASTM D4607
Air Quality Methods
Acetone method 311 SCAQMD 311
Ash Content Gravimetric
Density ASTM D1475
Hydrazine, LCMS EPA 8015M
Methyl methacrylate  EPA 8260
Moisture, percent (weight loss on drying) Gravimetric
Metals on air filters ICP or ICPMS
Rule 1420 Lead analysis - Ambient SCAQMD Rule 1420
Sieve Analysis ASTM D2862
Specific Gravity ASTM D1429
VOC calculation with exempt solvents EPA 24 / ASTM D3960
Volatile Organics in Tedlar Bags EPA 8260M
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