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Weck Laboratories FTP Connected WindowFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files from our servers to you over the internet.  FTP provides much more flexibility and simplicity than a typical web browser.  It allows you to download multiple files saving you time and increases productivity.  Your final reports, sample acknowledgements, Chain-of-Custodies (COC), Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD), and invoices are available through our FTP service.  Use the connection parameters below to get connected now or view our FTP video tutorial before getting started.


FTP Connection Parameters
FTP Address: ftp://ftp.wecklabs.com
Port: 21
Username: provided by wecklabs (Default username is your email address)
Password: provided by wecklabs (Password changeable via WeckConnect!)


Written Tutorial

If you need a written tutorial about how to connect to our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server.  Please click here.  Please do not hesitate to call us if you need further assistance.

Information and Registration

Our FTP Service is provided free of charge for our customers.  If you already have a web account, simply use the username and password for the FTP authentication.  If you do not have an account with us, please contact your project manager.  Certain criteria must be met before obtaining an account.  Ask your project manager for details.

Please only download files and folders that contain a work order or invoice number.  If you download files from the parent or root folders, you may download duplicate files and get automatically dropped from downloading too many files in a certain time frame.  Additionally, these files and folders may change locations without notification because these files and folders are virtual and they are dynamically processed in real-time.

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